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Kellie Strong Personal Training

Who is Kellie Strong?


Hey everyone! My name is Kellie Lynam, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer. I guide my clients with use of different strength training techniques in order to build lean muscle and reduce body fat. I am motivated by a desire to inspire and inform others on their personal fitness journey. I believe that a wholistic approach to health and fitness is paramount. The term wholistic can be confusing, so in the context of Kellie Strong, it means that I see my clients as a WHOLE. This style of personal training emphasizes body, mind and spirit. My clients can expect to achieve not only a healthier body, but a healthier mindset to match.

At Kellie Strong, get ready to train for STRENGTH BEYOND MEASURE. Utilizing the best aspects of an education in psychology and mental health counseling, combined with an ever expanding knowledge of the human body and physical fitness, we will work together to change your life- not just your body!


So how did I find my way to wholistic personal training?
When I started working out, the goal was to lose some fat and “tone”. I did some web surfing and decided that weight lifting was the best way to go. At the time, I had just began grad school. I would schedule in an hour for myself 5 of 7 days per week and within a few weeks I was hooked. Sticking to a clean diet and new exercise regimen had me feeling AMAZING. I was sleeping better, eating better, and looking better which sustained my motivation to keep at it. Why would I want to stop doing something that made me feel so good, inside and out?

Staying true to the forever learner that I am, I kept reading and tried to absorb as much as I could about different types of training. After the first couple training programs I found online, I began to put together my own. I worked out alone, with groups, and eventually hired a trainer. Thanks to social media outlets like Instagram, while looking for my daily “fitspo" (Fitness Inspiration) I was exposed to the world of competitive fitness. I saw friends compete in body building shows and it peaked my interest. To me, it felt like training for competition was a natural progression after 3 years of strength training. I hired a few personal trainers/coaches until I found the one I was most compatible with. Being accountable to share every piece of food I ate and workout I did was an intimate thing for me so finding the right coach was important.Every person is motivated differently and I wanted to find a trainer who was not only knowledgeable, but personable and encouraging.

For the next 5 months, I ate a restrictive, low calorie, very clean diet and was training sometimes twice in one day. Initially, the discipline and self control needed to get through prep was no problem. But soon I found myself feeling daunted by the thing I used to love doing. Sticking to a diet so strict had its effects on my social life, leading me to stop attending any events where I could be tempted to eat off my meal plan. Thanks to what was now 6 years of schooling in psychology, I realized I was doing my self more harm than good. My fitness journey was supposed to be a healthy thing but instead it was a controlling, obsessive, all consuming thing. It skewed the lens I saw health and fitness through. I backed out of the competition and immediately struggled with binge eating, gaining back all of the fat I had collectively lost over my journey. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy and decided to take a step back to reassess why I loved fitness in the first place.

Taking that step back gave me time for much needed self-reflection. I walked away from tracking food and weight lifting, did more yoga, read about meditation, mindfulness and basically anything self-help I could get my hands on. During what I’ll call a mental shift, I was also in the last year of my masters program for mental health counseling. Something felt off because I knew that while I wanted to help people achieve good mental health, I couldn’t ignore their physical health. I firmly believe that mental and physical health are connected and I knew that I would be doing a disservice to my clients by only addressing the mind. I wanted to use my experience and my knowledge to help others, so just as I was finishing my degree, I bought the study material and began preparing for my certified personal trainer (CPT) exam.

I transitioned back into the world of health and fitness with a totally different outlook. I passed my CPT exam and was ready to get rolling. I changed my approach to nutrition, taking on a mindset of moderation after experiencing the affect a highly restricted diet had on my mental health. I started weight lifting again, continuing with yoga as a supplement and reading for mental strength. I had a new found appreciation for the term health and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world and this is how Kellie Strong came to be.

When you train with me, you can expect much more than physical progress. I will work as your coach, your mentor, and your counselor. I will get to know you, your background, body-type and core motivators, which will all influence a plan that’s personal to you, your lifestyle and your goals. We will work together to over come obstacles both physical and mental. We will put time, energy and focus into the most important investment of your life – YOU!


“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

— Amelia Earhart



With locations available throughout Bergen County, plus online training, there is a place for everyone!



One-on-One Private Training

Join Kellie for a fat burning, body strengthening and mind stimulating 60-minute work-out at your choice of a private local studio or larger health club (no membership required), using various training techniques to keep things fun and effective! With Kellie, you will feel confident that you are in the best hands possible, being provided with the necessary tools to achieve STRENGTH BEYOND MEASURE.

Small Group Semi-Private Training

In small group (2-5 people) training, clients can expect the same attention to detail as a private session, with the fun, motivating and team-like quality of group training. If you're looking for a more pocket-friendly price, this is the option for YOU!

Online Personal Training

At a much more cost effective price, you can receive a customized strength training program complete with cardiovascular workouts, mobility and flexibility training, accompanying instructional videos,program updates and continued contact and support to ensure progress and results. All you need is a membership to your local gym and a BURNING desire to transform your body!  

Online Personal Training Packages


 A customized 30 day strength training program with supplemental cardio workouts, unlimited text and email support, and a midway program update based on progression.


A customized 8 week strength training plan with supplemental cardio workouts, a customized stretching and mobility routine based on your unique places of tightness and tension and 2 scheduled 15-minute video-calls as well as unlimited text and email support to address any concerns, correct form, answer questions etc.


A customized 12 week strength training plan with supplemental cardio workouts, a customized stretching and mobility routine based on your unique places of tightness and tension, weekly workout updates based on progress and 6 scheduled 15-minute video-calls as well as unlimited text and email support to address any concerns, correct form, answer questions, etc.


Hybrid Packages

Designed for those who prefer online training in combination with in person, one-on-one guidance. Hybrid packages are broken down into the above 30,60 and 90 day online programs with supplemental weekly 30 minute sessions.

30 Day BURN+ FOUR 30 minute private sessions - $335

60 Day BUILD + EIGHT 30 minute private sessions - $635

90 Day TRANSFORM + (12) 30 minute private sessions - $950